Ms. Nguyen

Ms. Nguyen came to SLS at the beginning of July requesting assistance with an upcoming appellate hearing. She had originally filed and won her Small Claims action against her landlord in Santa Cruz for improperly withholding her security deposit. The Small Claims Court issued a judgment in her favor and denied her landlord’s cross-complaint against her. The landlord appealed to Superior Court and thus she had to prepare for a civil trial regarding her complaint and landlord’s cross-complaint against her requesting $10,000. Jim Rumble assisted her by filing her trial brief and exhibit list and going with her to the two appeal hearings. The case was heard by Judge Marigonda but continued for a further hearing on July 27th, where Judge Marigonda issued a handwritten decision awarding our client $2,000 in damages and rejecting the counterclaim filed by the opposing party. Ms. Nguyen was advised that she should request payment of the damages and if the landlord does not do so, the office will assist her in filing the forms to execute on the $2,000 judgment. When following up with her last Friday, Ms. Nguyen shared the good news that she had sent the demand for payment and received the check two-days prior. She has already cashed the check and thanked us profusely for our work, especially Jim, of whom she said, “Mission accomplished!”