Success Stories

We take pride in servicing the residents of Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties who are 60 years of age and older by ensuring they are receiving free high-quality representation. Our highest priority is to assist those who are experiencing situations they are unable to handle on their own. Take a look at our success stories to get an idea of some clients we
have had the pleasure of assisting.

*Client names have been changed to protect their privacy.

“Lovely, wonderful, saviors…they saved me.”

Portrait photo of Ms. Nguyen.

Ms. Nguyen

Ms. Nguyen* came to SLS at the beginning of July requesting assistance with an upcoming appellate hearing. She had originally filed and won her Small Claims action against her landlord in Santa Cruz for improperly withholding her security deposit.

Don and Alison Peterson

Don and Alison Peterson* were severely impacted by the CZU fires in 2020 when their house in Ben Lomond burned down.


Marco* came to SLS because he had received a 90-day notice to vacate his apartment, as his landlord no longer wanted to participate in Section 8 Housing.

Portrait photo of Victoria.


Victoria* had a creditor levy her retirement funds to satisfy a judgment. Victoria had filed an exemption, explaining that her retirement income was exempt. Still, the creditor levied her bank account.

Portrait photo of Alejandro.


Alejandro*, a monolingual Spanish-speaking client, became disabled and unable to work.

Portrait photo of Lucas.


Lucas* sought advice on his rights to privacy. Lucas, who is 70 years old, lives alone in a mobile home park and his neighbors across the street had security cameras that viewed into his kitchen.