Marcus and Amanda

After the passing of their son, Marcus* and Amanda* were faced with grandparent visitation challenges. Their daughter-in-law was making visits with their eight-year-old granddaughter Allie* difficult. Marcus and Amanda love Allie dearly and have supported her since her infancy. Marcus and Amanda recognized that the peak of the pandemic presented unique challenges to in-person visitation and they made every possible attempt to negotiate alternative visitations with their daughter-in-law, but she refused. SLS was able to help Marcus and Amanda by representing them in court and seeking a positive and harmonious outcome for Allie and all of her loving guardians. On top of restoring monthly visitations, the Judge was moved to include a weekly videophone visit. It was a heart-warming success and Allie was able to reconnect with her grandparents and extended family on her late father’s side, who missed her very much!