Legacy Donor

Legacy Donors are an invaluable part of the lifesaving work of Senior Legal Services. Senior Legal Services has been dependent on government grants for its first fifty years of services, leaving it vulnerable to the ever-changing tides of politics. SLS is moving into the 21st century and in response to the increased needs created by the Covid-19 pandemic, has vastly increased staffing and overall services.

Legacy Donors will help strengthen the foundation of Senior Legal Services by helping to ensure that we will be here for our community for many years to come. Through annual donations of $5,000 or more, Legacy Donors provide critical resources necessary to support our mission of defending the right of the elderly to quality housing, healthcare, social integration, to secure their persons and property, and to be free of discrimination on the basis of age or disability.

These funds support our general operations necessary to carry out our mission.

As a Legacy Donor, you’ll be part of a compassionate community of people who honor and respect the seniors in our community and care about their peace of mind. If you would like to become a Legacy Donor, contact our Executive Director at (831) 426.8824 x11 or email info@seniorlegal.org. She can talk with you more about our mission, our accomplishments, our goals, and why we need your support. Please consider becoming a Legacy Donor today!

Membership Benefits

  • Direct access by phone or email to SLS Executive Director and Board President.

  • Free access to all SLS webinars including those offering important information impacting local seniors and a subscription to our monthly newsletter.

  • Invitation to visit the SLS main office in Santa Cruz, to meet our staff and learn more about our organization.