Fiduciary Services

SCLS employs professional fiduciaries, licensed by the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau or as licensed attorneys to serve as trustees, conservators, or agents. We provide fiduciary services in Santa Cruz & San Benito Counties.

Contact us if you are planning to establish a Trust and want to nominate a professional as the Successor Trustee. We can also serve as conservator for Probate conservatorships.

If a family member or other non-professional person is serving as Trustee or Conservator, we can assist as consultants to help with document preparation, applications for benefits, and preparation of accounting’s.

Although we are a non-profit agency, we have no other source of funding for the fiduciary services, and, therefore, we must charge fees to cover all of our expenses. Our fees tend to be lower than other professionals for these services. We must be represented by an attorney if we are in a fiduciary capacity, and the attorney’s fees must also be charged. Our in-house counsel charges at the low rate. Outside counsel is sometimes necessary and tends to charge $250 to $400 per hour.