What Cases We See

What types of cases are eligible?

Cases are accepted on the basis of the issues raised or the client’s interests. The highest priorities are defending the right of seniors to live in peace and comfort, and to enjoy decent housing, quality health care, financial security, social integration, security of their persons and property, and freedom from discrimination based on age or disability.

We commonly see clients for the following issues:

• Medicare and Medi-Cal
• Health insurance
• Elder abuse
• Social Security & SSI
• Age discrimination
• Consumer problems
• Debt collection defense
• Mobile home problems
• Tenant rights
• Nursing homes, residential care facilities and patient rights

What types of cases are not eligible?

We rarely accept cases involving the following issues:

• Fee generating matters such as personal injury cases
• Wills and/or probate
• Tax problems
• Securities or investments
• Bankruptcy
• Criminal defense, including traffic offenses